She's precious

Assalamualaikum.first of all I would like to wish happy Nuzul Quran. Before that, I would like to ask have you read your Quran today? If not then go and read it now, but if you have read it then you may continue reading my post.actually I'm not going to talk about Nuzul might wondering what am I going to talk about since the title a bit clueless.yep, I'm gonna talk about her today

Who is she that I meant?well I'll tell you her name afterwards. She's kind-hearted person, she's my clouds during sunny days and my umbrella during my rainy days.actually we've known each other for a long time, since I was in primary school but we've never been this close until the day I moved into Maahad.she's the first person that I really want to meet.she's  one of directioners, while I'm swifties though we've different interest but it's not an excuse.sometimes she would inform me whenever Taylor Swift made a new music video. Sometimes she also lends me her ear to hear all my problems and we often share stories about our family, friends and me she is like my younger sister and people often says that we're look alike.

Youu might wondering,am I just hit a shooting star, just out of sudden I'm making an exclusive post for her.well the answer is, because today is her special day which is her BIRTHDAY. And she is

Fatimah Azzahrah binti Mohd Lotfi

I would like to say Happy Birthday to you. Sorry I couldn't be the first to wish you as I were in terrible condition last night. May the blessings of Allah be upon you. I hope our ukhwah can last till jannah, in syaa Allah.actually I want to stop by at your house but since you're not at home then nevermind.Thank you for being my friend



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