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Assalamualaikum.okay since I already promised to update le blog regularly, so today I'm gonna share some of my hectic life.cehh hectic sangattt...as some of you already knows that two weeks ago, my school held sports day event. And here are some of the interesting part...honestly I'm kinda tired lately as I was busy with the mascot thingy.but it's kinda experience that I couldn't buy it from any department store or maybe from the stall at the roadside as it was my 1st time making mascots for my sports team which the red team.I was glad that I was choosen into the team as I never into this team....back to the story, actually I'm not doing the mascots all alone , there were extra help from my beloved family.see family are the best team ever wakaka....I've been doing it for 3 days 2 nights without enough sleep and rest.also I make a good relationship with my siblings as they were over excited soon after they heard that I'm gonna make a mascots of boboiboy.they even willing to help me with ironing my clothes packing my school stuff as I were too busy with the preparations.thankful I have an understanding family who would stay by my side through thick and thin.
Making boboiboy mascots was the hardest thing I've ever done. It became too complicated since I'm using dawai besi for its rangka. Also I had to sew two times bigger than human size clothes as the mascots bigger enough untuk pakai dekat real human.honestly, it was tiring enough but it was the best experience ever since I've never make my own mascots
And here's the 'hari kejadian' story
Actually I didn't have enough sleep before that day. Soo ofcourse I did woke up late on that day. I was rushing to finish it by that time but in the same time trying to take a bath. What the heck.opppssss sorry.....luckily I have an understanding ummi, she helped me with the mascots thingy while I took bath. And Alhamdulillah everything going well. As I arrived maahad, I saw a crowd of students line up at the dataran and I was 'omaigadd I'm late again' it was most embrassed moments as there were my eyes on me.actually it wasn't for me it's for the 'boboiboy'.Then I dengan muke tahan malu ajak aifi pergi garaj for the preparation. Aifi lend me a help by bawakkan boboiboy .andddddd guess what? Boboiboy tuu jadi tarikan utama. Alhamdulillah ya Allah dapat juga sumbang mata untuk rumah sukan sendiri. After that, Nadia, Fatimahhh, wanno and I took alot of picture as you know us right .only a word can describe us which is CRAZY. cameraholic person yeah......
Here I brought to you a few picture that captured the memorable day.hope you enjoy it



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