Random update #2

assalamualaikum dunia.ehh ehh #tetibe.it has been a while since my last post...I'm sorry to the max..lebih baik saye mintak maaf sebelum pembace blog nie hukum saye masuk penjare.terpakselah makan kerepek sambal setiap hari #merepekk.apo kabor korg semue..saya disini sihat disamping keluarga tercinta.cett..mcm nak buat krgn surat kiriman tidak rasmi.okay let's get back to the point..

well well well.cenggini ceritenye.1,2,3 mule pada suatu hari*ayat ciplak drpd pelajar SMA as-syafi'iyyah,medan*..saya telah berpindah ke SMKA Maahad Hamidiah,kajang and my routine has slightly change due to the cramp of activities in there...awak nak tahu saye rase busy sgt sejak masuk sekolah nie maklumla dah tak duduk asrama.pagi pegi sekolah balik sekolah amik adik,buat homework*mcmtakbuatjee*,tolong ummi,pegi tuisyen ,tido,bangunpagi balik,begitulah kitarannya..pendek kata saya semakin busy..so i'm goin' to use this opportunity to ask for your forgiveness for not updating this blog regularly...and guess what?..it seems that I quit from doodling,coding,craft-ing,game-ing,and all other things that I love to do once ago..it was sad to think abt...it's heartbreaking when I see my friends have soo many things to be excited abt.while I'm here just studying all the time.the express way to be happy all the time is only by twitter and instagram.now I can't doodling anmore as it might take plenty of time.also I had soo many homework.

alhamdulillah it has nearly 2 months sinc9e i became one of Hamidians,Excellians and Khawarians.also I make friends with the old and new students there.and guess what?.entering that school more alike to be a reunion with my old schoolmates and even I re-meet wanno after being seperated nearly 1 months *mcm becerai pulakk*and now I'm still trying to adapt with new environment.I was lucky because I have wanno,fatimah and nadia to help me to get in this situation...and I was soo happy to meet Fatimah who is my old classmate when I was in stdrd 6.tbh we're not really close like we used to be right now....dulu waktu sekolah rendah kiteorg tak dela rapat mcm sekarang.die dgn geng die.saye dengan geng saye..but time masuk sekolah menengah tetibe kiteorang jadi rapat.but taklame lepas tuu aq pown pindah.so kirenye kiteorang terpisah cehhhhh~.jiwang pulak..and suddenly time form 4 nie terjumpe balik..lol.takdir nak buat cemane..

Tbh I'm the laziest person in my class I guess....it's because I'm too lazy to finish my homework.actually since I was in form 1 until now I've never been RAJIN to finish my homework..and dlm mase 2 bulan hampir nak tiga bulan nie saye dpt rase macammacam pengalaman..
1) hari terbuka asrama..since I never had experienced this while I was in my old school..this event was held for 3 days starting from Friday-sunday.but I only attend on Sunday only since there's nothing that I could help them with.aqila camalya,my sister and I went there at morning and we make a tour around my school..and the tourist guide are naurah, wanno and me..nampak tak betape bertauliahnye kiteorang..lol...

2) midterm.....huwaaaaaa..nanges berbaldi-baldi pun tak gune da lepas...anwy I'm going to take it as a lesson since I'm having my sijil pelajaran Malaysia examination next year..I'm going to prove to everyone that I also can get straight A+ since I've never got straight a in my examination.on every examination my English paper always B...and starting from this year I'm taking tuition for English, modern mathematics, additional mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology..soo that I'll be prepared for my SPM....and you know what ! Actually I didn't study for my midterm.I only read it a few hour before the examination..but I hope the result will turn out well even I didn't put much effort for it.and a few days before summer holiday my chemistry teachers gave my result and it was too disappointed to talk about..tbh I was expecting high for chemistry since  already put more effort on this subject more than the other subject..but in the end I got _1%...after re-check with my teacher most of my mistakes were leaded by my careless.now I remember, I was rushing over to finish the paper just because I want to sleep.#jokesoftheday...lol.

3) haflah al jauhar glocal friendship....this program was held a week before summer holiday, that's means we're already finished our midterm examination..soo there were less students who attend school...and sampai satu hari tuu barisan pelajar putera cuma ade 4 baris....*yang lain tak layak buat calon suami*lol..jkjkjkjk....and sekarang saye nak cerite part yg paling best time program nie..well , at that time a few Indonesian student from medan and surabaya..each class of form 4 will get 4 students....and my class got 4 female student from Medan.they're very sporting and what most important is 2 of them were k-poppers....And for the first time 4 khawa being noisy by suara pelajar puteri..some of cluster school also take part in this program.and guess what ! Faliq also joined this program as a representative from Smap kajang...lepasan samsmile kini bertebaran di bumi malaysia..cehhhh ~ ....

And starting from today I'm going to manage my time wisely so I can update my blog regularly....and I also active on Instagram.just type adawiyaaaah and you will see me..kbye.salam alayk



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