Ramadhan datang lagi

Assalamualaikum.ahlan wasahlan.I hope I'm not late to deliver this topic since we're not in syawal yet right.how's your first phase of ramadhan? I'm doing well. Actually not really well, as I caught a fever and had to take mc for 3 days.whoaaa and now, my rekod kedatangan ke sekolah dah buruk. Wakakakaka.wtv.I also had conflict with ........... (rahsialah) and I lose hope .I once thought of ran away from this miserable life.sometimes I felt like for what am I living all this time. What have I done towards the society. I feel like of tanak hidup lagi. Whenever people said harsh words or perkataan 'mati' I felt like nobody ever appreciate me accept my family and my close friends.on that moment as some of you would recognize that I became too passive on Twitter, instagram, and much more. Ehh dah melalut pulak .anggaplah sebagai iklan tak berbayar.

What do you understand with 'Ramadhan'? Actually I also do not know what is the real meaning in it.antara amalan yang kerap kita lakukan waktu bulan ramadhan are puase (wajib), solat tarawih, tadarrus, moreh (ehh termasuk ke) and kite akan shopping baju raye*nie mengarut*.

what is puasa?all I know that this is one pendidikan islam topic.and what I always do is I kept hafal the makne of puasa dari segi istilah dan bahasa since I was in primary school. But I never discover the real meaning of puase. I started to realise this thing when I went for ceramah diambang Ramadan by ayah haji. Even I banyak tidur but I did  paid my attention on certain part okayy.wkwkwkwk.ayah haji said people often focus on jaga daripada terbuat perkara yang boleh membatalkan puase but we often forgot about 1 thing that more important which is perkara yang membatalkan pahala puasa. I felt that I've been slap by this thing as I often mengumpat, buat bende lagha even I already know its consequences.one statement that attracts me is 'pentingkan yang mana lebih penting'

Next is solat tarawih. Before you continue reading this post ask yourself have you done your tarawih today? People always missed this thing as they misunderstand about tarawih. They often thought that solat tarawih is just wasting their time especially those who live in hostel and those who are going to sit for examination such as PMR and SPM.I admit I also have this kind of perception. For example I was sitting for PMR trial examination last Ramadan and I always want to skip tarawih but trust me' kita kejar akhirat dunia akan datang dekat kita.'..so lets perform our tarawih. Kita penuhkan masjid/surau.besides you can have moreh after that, like my surau did

Taddarus or tadarrus which one is correct? Wtvlahh....you know what, during ramadhan allah lipatgandakan pahala amalan fardhu 70 kali ganda and amalan sunat ibarat amalan fardhu. What a big reward.this time Allah make a big sale why don't we shop it while it last.kalau shopping complex buat sale baju raya kemain ramai sampai beratur nak bayar kalau Allah buat sale kite endah tak endah aje.and right now I'm trying to khatam Quran sekali pown jadilah.

And here's my latest news
Lately I've been busy with school and didn't have much time to tweet sane sini,capture gambar sampai beratus ratus satu hari.jkjkjk.last week I already finish my speech even I didn't prepare for that topic.its about dreams and target in syaa allah I'll make a post about it.and Alhamdulillah Allah still loves me as his servant. Thank you Allah.assalamualaikum



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