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Assalamualaikum,hmm,eh oh.hahaha.actually I'm just dont know what should I blog about.

hrmmmm let's start with my random update

okay lately,I've been busy with my final exam...wuhuu just think about it makes feel like "owhh I'm gastric mayyynn".because to me gastric is very painful to hand.so far chemist,math mode,and physics makes me going nuts.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.I don't want to school anmre.....takut nak maik markah exam.Time perikse takde apeape yg best sgt,but yeahh ade sikit lahh..wanno,fatimah and me got to seat in the same row.but it was less fun since nasrul,najib,iman,and husna(they sits near to me) were being serious doing their exam.....frankly,I became stress when they behave liddat....okay lately I've been asking for extra paper,cehh mangat jee jawapan bukannye betul sangat pown.But once again this final is the best,since I got a chance to see that person,though... was not in the same class as me.silly me.

Actuallykan,I just setup an instashop,where I'm sellin' flower crown.it's different from the other shop that sell flower crown,because mine's can be adjust...why wait?grab yours now.ehhhhhh I didn't introduce my shop yet.okay I made up a decision of named it MADEMOISELLE KINGDOM.purdy.for those who want to follow my instashop just follow @mademoisellekingdom and I'll be there.cehh.here are some of my artwork


and here comes the logo

for any inquiries whatsapp me at:0132358156
or email:fiffyflowrrcrown@gmail.com

kindly noted that first batch will release this 25th October



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