Assalamualaikum, it's been awhile. Maybe, today's post may seen as full of hatred.Well, lately, I've been collecting a new haters, woohooo...actually, I sensed this earlier but I wasn't very sure at that time since the 'suspect' never shows their hatreds against me.

Basically, all of us would faced the same problem since each of us have a person whom they would hate.It goes same to me, even when I tried to resist the fact.sometimes, I wonder why do I hate them for, for examples mostly I would hate boys more than girls even when I'm didn't spend most of my time with them, sometimes I'm just happened to hate them even when we never talked to each other. Idk, why did I choose this path of life, why do I lived in negative way when there are sooo many path which leads me to positive life.

Nahhhh,,, idk what to say anymore. Iwish, I can stop hating ppl anymore since they tend to hate me back. For those who think that I hate them, I'm sorry for that. But maybe it's not like what you thought.



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