Brainwash's my reader? Alhamdullah I'm in the pink of health.lately I've been thinking, is there a person who read my post, because I had a thought that people nowdays doesn't blog their moments because they tend to share it through new media such as instagram.I'm one of them, but still I want to blog about my life because I've started to blog since my standard six, on that time there were least people who have blog, since that time I love to blog about myself but now people would think that blogging is just wasting their time .but to me it's not a waste since it can strengthen my writing skills.maybe some of you already know that, I'm not good in English even I'm not very fluent, sometimes I used wrong grammar when I spoke.I admit when I entered sambbst I don't how to speak in English well, it was embrassing especially when I sat next to izzati whom very fluent in became more complicated after I moved to Maahad since most of them excellent in English, read English novel and even sometimes spoke in English. I were so down, then I told ummi that I want to tuition so that I can improve my english, Alhamdulillah soon after I started my tuition, my english has gotten better form day to day, I even managed to get A- during my mid was more than enough, since that day I gained back my confidence, and now I started to read English novel so that I can gain more vocab and examples on how to write well.for those who does not thinks that they were born not to speak or write in English, throw away your misconception, and start to make a change before it's too late.if I can do it, why don't you, we're same right.don't tell me that I went to prestigious school then it would be no problem for me, heyy!! School is just a building ,the person in it who make the school become prestigious



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