I just love rayaaa

assalamualaikum.It's been awhile since my last post right.sorry I've been busy lately.okay syawal is going leave us like what ramadhan did to us.So today,I would like to share my memorable event that happened during this syawal.Before that,how's your syawal?Is it lame when you ought to do same activities every year.well it happened to me or maybe your eid celebration is super duper awesome like mine.wakawakawaka.sekejap best sekejap tak best.The lame part is when I ought to balik kampung pagi raye.It's sungguh tak best.takde suasana hari raya.Meanwhile,the best part are when you get a chance to wear new clothes during pagi raya,received duit raye.I admit that this year collection exceed last year collections.Imma happy girl.Other than that,during raye I often get a chance to eat as much as I want.hahaha.Everybody also same with me,takyah nak tipu sangat lahkan.As a malay,we often had a perception that raye is to qada' our makan

As some of you already know that both my parents have kampung in KL so,we balik kampung on the first syawal morning.It's sungguh tak best bcause I never had a chance to have a kampung which is far from my house.Honestly,I got jealous whenever I heard that my friends are going to balik kampung yang jauhjauh.But,what to do it won't happened.The most interesting part is when our main dishes during pagi raye isn't a malay traditional dishes as my mom's sides are Pakistan.

Tamat cerite raye bersama keluarga.Let's move to the next topic which is Eid with friends.

Maybe some of you can guess it.But i'm helping those people who do not know about what am I talking about.Well last school holiday which means when everybody's still in raya mood,my friends and I made a convoi which consisted of 24 person including saye yang comell.kikiki,perasan sungguh.We made a visit to Farisha's house,Matun's,Arifa's,Mine's and Mumtaz's.We rode a school van just put yourself in our shoes how would you feel whenever you stop by the traffic light then peopple would stare at you with their weirdest stare I guess.That's how we feel during that day.

Pictures will be uploaded on the other post.InsyaAllah



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